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The legislative process of the United Kingdom Parliament

Posted by Zenaira Khan on 17 October 2016

The origins of a Bill

The main Bills constituting the government’s legislative programme are announced in the Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament, which is usually in November.

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Legal Research and Revision

Posted by Zenaira Khan on 12 October 2016


As it is the start of the academic year, many of you will have now received your extremely long reading lists for this term. We've put together some useful research and study tips, to help make things easier for you :
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What impact has technology had on diversifying the provision of legal services?

Posted by Zenaira Khan on 21 September 2016

"Look to where the Law is going, not where the Law is."

Ayomide Akin-Oteniya recently organised an event at Hogan Lovells on celebrating diversity in the legal industry. The event was comprised of a number of talks for aspiring lawyers, most notably on how technology has diversified the provision of legal services.

In the last 20 years, the legal industry has changed considerably and possibly the most interesting change in recent times has been the types of people who are now becoming lawyers. Law almost exclusively used to be the preserve of individuals who had studied the LLB or humanities subjects. Ex scientists, engineers and mathematicians who are switching to the legal sector, bring with them a range of new skills and ways of thinking that have not been seen in the industry before.

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The Future of Law

Posted by Zenaira Khan on 1 April 2016

Developments in science and technology have transformed virtually every industry and although it has been slow to adapt, the legal sector is no different. Clients are increasingly turning to the internet for legal information, and why shouldn’t they? The internet has made accessing legal information quick, easy and most importantly- free. Law firms are under increasing pressure from better informed and more demanding clients who are more scrutinous of bills than those of the past. Whilst many lawyers see this as a significant business challenge, the legal industry has been notoriously slow to adopt new technology and processes that would not only make their jobs easier but also offer their clients better value for money. This could be due to the fact that until now, they have not had the incentive to do so. This has exposed gaps in the market that new legal technology start-ups are seeking to fill with an arsenal of products and services powered by machine learning, natural language processing and data visualization.

People have been discussing the idea of machines and computers replacing humans for years, and while the idea may seem far-fetched at the moment, we are starting to see the first steps of a potential AI revolution.

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