Bringing order to chaos – the importance of unreported judgments

Starting the BPTC? "You're in for a treat!"

Does copyright exist for online artists?

The legislative process of the United Kingdom Parliament

Designing for Privacy

Legal Research and Revision

New collection of Irish case law!

What impact has technology had on diversifying the provision of legal services?

Preparing for a moot

Assisted Dying: Do We Have a Right to Die?

Law Revision Techniques

How to write a law essay

The Future of Law

AI and the law. What does the future hold?

Law via the Internet: from access to accessibility

A major update to JustisOne

Google announces funding for DMCA removals

Case Commentary: Fag og Arbejde v Kommunernes Landsforening and the social implications of obesity as a disability

Employment Tribunal fees ruled lawful

The Consumer Rights Act 2015

EU 'abolishes' data roaming charges

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

Whistleblowing and the public interest in contractual disputes

How important is morality to intellectual property?

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

Does time spent travelling to work constitute work?

The importance of multi-jurisdictional content to legal research

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

Philosophies of Law: The place of legal positivism and natural law in legal education

Student Voices: JustisOne is the ideal platform for law students

Is technology paving the way for bookless law libraries?

In the News: Should the law reflect changes in society or should it act as a gatekeeper?

Undergraduate Education: Does it prepare you for life in the legal workplace?

Is change on the horizon for UK employment law?

Classic Cases: Anisminic Ltd v Foreign Compensation Commission

Is technology paving the way for bookless law libraries?

Justis Tax Cases: New in this week

Misspelled Legal Words: The top 5 (Part II)

An insight into Fairchild in other jurisdictions

Part I: How can JustisOne be a valuable resource for law students?

Lots more Irish Statutory Instruments now uploaded on to Justis

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

We're off to Philadelphia for #AALL2015!

Case Commentary: Home Office (UK Border Agency v Essop and Ors (2015)

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

Legislation Review: The Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 (Part I)

"A Royal Anniversary": An introduction to regnal years

Case Comment: Haile v London Borough of Waltham Forest (2015)

JustisOne Linking

Case Comment: Swift 1st Limited v The Chief Land Registrar (2015) – The Right To An Indemnity under the Land Registration Act 2002

The Rise in Travel Fraud in the U.K.

A Goodbye from Jonathan

Taking your search to another level - Justis & Search Operators

Transfer Pricing: An insight into how it leads to tax avoidance

What's worth reading this week

This week's top legal developments from across the world

May 2015: Cases before the Supreme Court

Queen's Counsel: A rank worth retaining?

Neutral case citations: An exercise in modernising the law

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

Making the law: The importance of legal taxonomies

Justis Irish Cases: New in this week

Law Society and others lose appeal in Court of Appeal

Misspelled Legal Words: The top 5 (Part I)

Irish Statutory Instruments from Friday 13 March

Archaic Irish laws set to be repealed by Bill

Irish Case Law: Round-up of the most recent cases

The best legal news stories from the week

Easy ways to improve your revision strategy

Our exclusive Offshore Case Law Package is now live

Six tips for reading a judgment most effectively

Rebus round-up: our top 10 case law picture puzzles

The Asylum (Time Limit) Bill and Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill: exploring the legal and ethical angles

Peculiar Cases: Prisoners Pilfering Pigeons and Other Stories

Canada's Common Law: Why is it so important?

Very particular personalities: five of the most creative judges

The Seven Steps for Effective Legal Research

Update: Progress for the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill & the Pension Schemes Bill in the House of Lords

The Rise of the Boutique Law Firm

Bills, Bills, Bills: Nine Important Bills Before Parliament in 2015

In Favour Of Cases From Times Gone By

The Rise of Criminal Litigation Departments in Commercial Law Firms

"Ones to Watch": Important Cases We Expect To Be Heard in 2015

Yearly Round-Up: The most important court cases of 2014

Applied or Affirmed? The Importance of Treatment Types for Legal Research

Determining Treatment Types: Stages for Establishing the Value of Law

Pilot schemes for the NHS sharing programme to be delayed

High Court rules that the "Prison Book Ban" is unlawful

Serving injunctions in the Twittersphere

5 Facts About Beneficial Interest Your Client Wants To Know

How do we address the issue of rape in UK prisons?

Friday Poser: Journalism and the public interest defence proposal

12 Unusual Laws that Still Exist

In Re (bus) No. 14: Wednesday Wordplay

Friday Poser: assets, divorce tourism and estranged partners

In Re (bus) No. 13: Wednesday Wordplay

Friday Poser: how easy to understand should the law be?

Tesco: "every little helps"? Investigating the legal angle in the profits fiasco

In Re (bus) No. 12: Wednesday Wordplay

Nine of the most quirky judgments

Friday Poser: can shares instead of fees ever be in the client's "best" interests?

In Re (bus) No. 11: Wednesday Wordplay

A new standard in legal research

Flights of fancy: examining EU Air Passenger Compensation Regulation

Friday Poser: Intellectual Property in the New Digital Age?

Should the law be free?

In Re (bus) No. 10: Wednesday Wordplay

Friday Poser: monkeys, selfies and the loss of ownership

US legal adverts versus UK legal adverts

Why are the approaches to legal advertising so different in the US and UK?

Can pre-trial publicity prejudice a fair trial?

In Re (bus) No. 9: Wednesday Wordplay

Legislating for a new Scotland: keeping up with an astonishing pace of change

Friday Poser: trial by newspaper and obstructing justice

The Magna Carta: the beginning of influential English law

In Re (bus) No. 8: Wednesday Wordplay

Our Top 10 Autumn Legal Reads

Friday Poser: Adoption and the right to know

Applying English law in Chinese courts: delivery of goods

A legal tour of London: six top spots

In Re (bus) No. 7: Wednesday Wordplay

Four Times When Scottish Cases Have Changed The English Common Law

The Scottish Referendum: the law and other questions

Friday Poser: One (private) toll road, lots of motorists.

In Re (bus) No. 6: Wednesday Wordplay

Friday Poser: Can international tourism be a crime?

Citizenship-by-Investment: A lucrative business or insurance protection?

In Re (bus) No. 5: Wednesday Wordplay

Friday Poser: Should robots be given legal rights? Could they be liable?

In Re (bus) No. 4: Wednesday Wordplay

Forum Shopping: Allocating Jurisdictions in International Disputes

"No Mothers Allowed": The Great Marriage Certificate Debate

Friday Poser: A peculiar suicide or an unexpected homicide?

"Thou shalt not use a lawyer's name in vain": the Wonga conundrum

Ecclestone and the Code of Criminal Procedure: an escape route for the rich or rehabilitative justice in action?

In Re (bus) No. 3: Wednesday Wordplay

Friday Poser: where does vicarious liability lie within a franchise?

8 court buildings around the world that are well worth a visit during your summer holidays

In Re (bus) No. 2: Wednesday Wordplay

Friday Poser: One lift. One persuasive defendant. A frazzled court transcriber. A riddle.

In Re (bus) No. 1: Wednesday Wordplay

Should British judges preside over capital punishment cases?

Common law insights: the historic traditions of the "Privy Council"

Vicarious liability and a duty to protect whistleblowers

Friday Poser: Should cigarette companies be liable for related deaths?

DRIP: a knee-jerk reaction to the Digital Rights Ireland Ltd decision?

Friday Poser: can tattoos be copyrighted?

Cross-jurisdictional study and the realities of practice: Part II

Cross-jurisdictional study and the realities of practice: Part I

Friday Poser: marriage certificates – failure to move with the times?

Tax Avoidance or Tax Evasion? A Distinction Worth Maintaining?

Friday Poser: Wonga, pay-day loans and alleged fraud

Training contracts: which is the right firm for me?

Interview with Law Librarian of the Year Kim Nayyer

Friday Poser: Can cohabitation law compete with the clarity of marriage?

Lord Neuberger addresses lawyers in Belfast on legal globalisation

Hints and Tips: How to ensure you're functioning to your peak while studying

Friday Poser: "spent" offences and the Police National Computer

What makes an application for a third six really stand out?

Friday Poser: citizenship-by-investment and tax avoidance

"Bone" fide Tips for Drafting Your Skeleton Argument

The skeleton argument: time for a word limit?

Mediation, ADR and an inquisitorial approach: changing our courts?

The Friday Poser: A bridge. One Path. 17 minutes. A riddle

The Ballad of Reading (in) Gaol: Legal Analysis of the Book Ban Debate

The Friday Poser: medicinal drugs and jurisdictional complications

To BPTC or not to BPTC?

The Fight Against FGM and The Restoration of Human Rights

The Friday Poser: continuous v multiple separate speeding offences

The five most commonly misspelled cases

The Five Rules of Court Etiquette

The Right to be Forgotten (Unless You're Worth Remembering)

Pathways into the Legal Profession: The GDL or the LLB?

Scottish versus English law degrees: factors behind your informed decision

Cornwall: a case for devolution?

Hints and tips: Dressing for a formal legal dinner

Building the Best Legal Library at the Lowest Cost

The European Union and the European Court of Human Rights: Dispelling the Myths

Justis Canadian Law Librarian Awards

Six Tips for Securing Pupillage

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